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At Kintran there is a commitment to perform as contracted. However, at times due to circumstances beyond our control, the unexpected happens and things go wrong due to market movements. We then set out to resolve the difficulty and attend to rectify the situation. Bringing up solutions in a correct, well-considered and flexible manner is another element of our perception of commitment. We aspire for and aim at getting it corrected immediately and deliver as promised.


Kintran has developed a loyal client base over the past years and has established close relationships with suppliers & buyers for many products. These relationships are based on trust and performance over many years. We continue to grow with our existing clients and new ones that we keep adding as we continue to thrive. This allows us to offer reliable sourcing and sales alternatives to our clients who achieve their sales and procurement objectives through Vikudha with ease, convenience and respect. In our eyes quality also stands for longstanding relationships with our clients and suppliers.


Quality means a lot more then delivering the right product, in the right quantity at the right time. Quality stands for everything in Kintran.

  • Quality of Commitment & Dedication.
  • Quality of Services & Responsibilities.
  • Quality of Transparency & Relationships
  • Quality to Excel & Grow.

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