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Traditionally, Kintran sources the products from time-tested and quality conscious manufacturers providing suppliers with an experienced marketing and buyers with a reliable supply channel. Our focused approach is results orientated - no product is too challenging for us to source or sell.


We understand the conditions and challenges that our clients (both Suppliers and Buyers) face. Our marketing & sales teams are well equipped and extend their in-depth product knowledge and market information to both sides of the transaction.


-Development of product & quality based on buyer's requirements
-Development of market based on product & quality of supplier's production
-Our R&D team is also constantly sourcing new products to add to our existing extensive range of products.


Kintran's financial strength allows us to offer suppliers and buyers options as per the unique needs of the products, markets and conditions. We have long-standing relationships with our banks giving us the required strength to avail creative modes of finance. This ability to bridge the often substantially different financial requirements of our suppliers and buyers is a key component of our trading service.


Over the years, we have learnt that each and every supplier and buyer have their own individual, unique needs, so we tailor each transaction to these needs, whether it is for product or for packaging or for logistics. This kind of tailoring requires us to work that much harder and put that much more effort to understand our suppliers' and buyers' needs. We believe that this is required in order to maintain a long term business relation with both.


Being in the middle between Suppliers and Buyers, we promote the customized requirements of both of them. We arrange for specific markings or packing for buyers as per own or their markets requirements and also give a ready sales network promoting supplier's packing or brand. We also work to help develop the introduction of new and more economical packaging.


Sourcing goods from overseas is fraught with uncertainty. Samples are a critical component of strategic offshore sourcing and we ensure that the product sourced is the product delivered. We start by sending full specifications and photographs of required products, and follow that up with sending samples for approval.


At Kintran, every manufacturer and product goes through an in-house system of evaluation and quality control. The Group's R&D team takes utmost care in approving manufacturers for existing and new products before they are discussed with the sales and marketing teams for business.


Our inspectors carry out a pre-shipment inspection when the product is packed and ready for shipment at manufacturer's ground or at the port of loading. We also supervise the loading of products into containers or/& onto vessels for breakbulk or bulk shipments. If and when needed we also appoint independent surveyors to monitor the loading.


Kintran handles all logistics aspects on behalf of both suppliers and buyers, according to the structure of each transaction. Shipment handling and transportation scheduling are among the services we provide. We understand the importance of not just timely shipments from source but also timely arrivals to our buyers at destinations and take the extra care of shipping with recognized shipping companies. We provide options to buyers of break-bulk or bulk shipments by monitoring availabilities of vessels for full or part charter for destinations of our buyer's preference. With continuous changes in freight market, creative options in logistics has become an integral cost component for every transaction and at Kintran, analysis of best available options is always practiced, making every transaction competitive.


Every country's export and import authorities have specific requirements regarding shipment documentations. Kintran's documentation team is fully capable of generating all necessary paperwork as per the requirement of every transaction.

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